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Microtrawler Updates:
by George Shannon gjs309@magiclink.com
Be sure and read: MICROTRAWLER

Update: Feb. 25, 2000
Here are four photos showing how I lifted Microtrawler to the trailer.  I bypassed the dry dock for now, because when I got it up on the second set of keel blocks, I chickened out.  I used a small floor jack to do the lifting.  I will, however, lower the dry dock and use it for refitting and painting later.  The keel blocks are made from construction site scraps, no cost.

mt41.jpg (19309 bytes)

mt42.jpg (21557 bytes)

mt43.jpg (15898 bytes)

mt44.jpg (18517 bytes)

Update: March 3, 2000
Here are the pictures of the initial launch of MT.  No sea trials as of yet.  I need to get a new prop, as the rpm's were too high, so after that I will take her out for a complete shakedown.  She handles very nicely and I think this is a keeper.   Great boat for grandkids too.  They love driving it and crawling all over it.

Initial Launch - Snake River, Twin Falls, Idaho

mt51.jpg (21985 bytes)

Amateur - should have done this before backing up.

mt52.jpg (25414 bytes)

Oops, tailpipe of Toyota short bed 6" under water

mt53.jpg (21125 bytes)


mt54.jpg (37232 bytes)

Completed trailer with bunks etc.  Tongue needs 4" extension for Toyota.

line.gif (878 bytes)


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