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the Voyage to Padre Island

by Michael Adams

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It all started when I got a call from Bonham, a friend of mine. So I get this call from Bonham asking me if I would come down to CCL where the boat was made. He asked me if I would help them build the boat with them. I said O.K. be down in a few minutes. As we are going along, Mr. Leinweber took some pictures. But enough about that. Bonham asks me and my brother if we would like to go to Padre Island. Well, we said O.K.

I went with Chuck and Bonham and Jason, and a friend of Chuck's. Chuck and I had already left by the time Chuck's friend, Jim showed up. But the funny thing is that they beat us to the check point just outside of Corpus Christi. We're at the check point and we decide that we will just follow one another into North Padre Island. We arrive at Padre Island and Bonham and Jason had found a dead sting ray.

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sandcastle.jpg (48560 bytes) The first thing is that we are to put the boat in the water, which is pretty easy. We took it for a little spin. Bonham, Jason, and I went fishing for a little while. Bonham caught a redfish. Then Jason caught the same fish that Bonham caught just a minute ago.

Well, day one is over, and its on to day two which included an all day trip around the Laguna Madre. Not a whole lot went on that day. We went to the Gulf of Mexico that night and went surf fishing. 


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Well, day three was the fun day because we went to see the aircraft carrier Lexington, and the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. We went to the Texas State Aquarium. I got to pet a stingray and a nurse shark. We had lots of fun. I liked the otters. That ended day three.
We woke up the next day and went on a little trip up the Intercoastal Canal. We went to Port Aransas. That used up most of the day. Bonham, Jason, and I went to look at a jetti. We walked about a mile and never saw the jetti because we had to turn back. We got back to the boat, and it was our turn to cook that night. After supper that night, Chuck, Bonham, Jason, and I went fishing. We didn't catch much, so we went back to the boat and went to sleep. campfire.jpg (48082 bytes)
Jasonfish.jpg (40505 bytes) We got up the next morning, and headed back to Padre Island. On the way back I was happy because I got to drive the boat. Going back to Padre Island took a lot of time. It was about 9:00 at night when we got back. Chuck, Bonham, and Jason went surf fishing. These three people had a contest to see who could catch the smallest catfish. Chuck won the contest, because he caught the smallest catfish plus a crab and some seaweed. Well, after that we decided to go back to the boat and call it a night.
The next day was the last day of our wonderful journey. We loaded up the boat and started on our way back home. Again, I rode with Chuck. Chuck told me if I could fit in the small window of the truck, I could get the last two remaining Dr. Peppers. I opened the window and I nearly fainted because of the stinch. We stopped at the Nolan Ryan Restaurant to eat breakfast. We didn't really think that Nolan Ryan founded this place. We ate well and left for home. cruising.jpg (41697 bytes)

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