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Since this magazine is about pictures of home built boats, I decided to prepare this sampler. 
It will take a minute for this page to load, but I think you will find it worth the wait.

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Jim Michalak's Boat Designs

"Some of you may know that in addition to the one buck catalog which now contains 20 "done" boats, I offer another catalog of 20 unbuilt prototypes. The buck catalog has on its last page a list and brief description of the boats currently in the Catalog of Prototypes. That catalog also contains some articles that I wrote for Messing About In Boats and Boatbuilder magazines. The Catalog of Prototypes costs $3. The both together amount to 50 pages for $4, an offer you may have seen in Woodenboat ads."

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GFB 16-22

SBI Marine On-Line

"GFB 16-22 - Great Fun Boat - SBI Marine's Changes Fun To An Expletive For Those Who Place Style Before Function. We Believe There Is Nothing Available That Is Equal In Safety, Usable Room And Speed At This Cost.   If You Just Want To Do Some Daysailing, Weekending And Occasional Local Cruising And Not Invest The Family Jewels, The GFB 16-22 Package Is Unique."

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Stimson Marine

"The SEA URCHIN is a stable, good looking skiff that rows and sails very well. The design is well suited to amateur construction."


Length: 11'5"
Beam: 4'4"

Construction: Lapstrake, Cedar or Plywood, Fully Framed

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The Penobscot 14

Arch Davis Design

The Penobscot 14

Length: 14' 0"
Beam: 4' 6 1/2"
Weight: 155 - 175 lb.
Plans, video, kits, sails & more.

Study Package: $8.00
Plans: $85.00
Video*: $29.95
Frame Kit: $580.00
Epoxy Kit: $227.98
Sails, Rigging Kits, etc: Call for details

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Applegate Boatworks

Length : 15' 3"
Beam : 34"
Hull Depth : 10"
Wt : 65 Lbs
Capacity : 2 adults & day gear
Plans & Instructions : $35.00, Study plans : $1

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Glen-L Design

a 20' trailerable houseboat
Build in PLYWOOD

Length overall: 20"-1"
Length waterline: 17'-0"
Beam: 7'-11"
Hull draft: 9"

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"Construction of this yacht is radius chine plywood, drawn for ease of construction. I built her myself in my garden to prove the innovative methods of construction which I designed into her, to achieve a strong and light structure which could be built by people with average handyman skills and a very modest budget.

"Offwind performance was a major priority with this design and on headings with the wind aft of abeam she will sail with most 50 footers. Efficiency upwind was not forgotten and here she can hold off challenges from most yachts of similar size.

"The fractional rig has double swept spreaders,  giving a stable setup which does not require runners. This eases handling by a small crew."

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Didi 38
Radius chine plywood cruiser racer

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Bob's Special


15' 0"
3' 0"
12" - 13.5"
Bow Height:
45-50 lbs.
Built by Chestnut drawn by Steve
Killing to lines taken from Ted Moores

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Common Dense Designs

"To keep her easy to trailer , LONG MICRO'S mast is in tabernacle and counter balanced. A small boy will be able to raise and lower the mast with ease. Of course with no standing rigging, going from trailer to sailor involves almost no hassle or time. If you live upstream of a low bridge you will also appreciate LONG MICRO'S tabernacle rig, as her mast can be quickly lowered for going under bridges. "

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Long Micro

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Georgian Bay

West Tamar Wooden Boats

"The Georgian Bay pictured here was built of Western Red Cedar with Mahogany used in the cockpit combings and hatch covers. The chocolate browns of the cedar and the deep reds of the Mahogony used in this version of the Georgian Bay give this kayak a rich warm colour.

"Georgian Bay's light weight makes it a responsive and fun kayak to paddle. It's also an easy boat to carry, car top, and launch. "

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San Javier Kayak

"Fast, light, nimble and easy to build, our singles are great boats for day trips or for camping. The water tight bulkheads hold plenty of gear and the sleek lines allow you to move from point A to point B with minimal effort. WARNING!!! This boat is so attractive, you must expect lots of attention from fellow kayakers and complete strangers wondering where you found this beauty. Launchings may be delayed as you explain that you built her yourself. "

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Jimmy Skiff

Chesapeake Light Craft, Inc.

"Before the advent of the outboard motor, rowing/sailing skiffs were common on Chesapeake Bay. Our Jimmy Skiff is a modern adaptation of those older designs."

Jimmy Skiff
Length: 13' 2", Beam: 4' 2"
Weight: 96 lbs.

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Boat Plans Online

LOA: 30' 2" (9,21m)
LOD: length on deck 29' 6" (8,99m)
LWL: 26' 4" (8,00m)
Beam: 10' 10" 3,30m)
Draft keel version: 4' 10" (1,50m)
Draft center board version: 3' 2" to6' 4" (0,95 to 1,95m)
Weight: 6,834 lbs (3,1T)
Displacement at DWL at DWL: 8,818 lbs (4 T)
Sail Area, 620 to 670 sq.ft. (48,7 to 53,4 m2)

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Mongoose 20

Clark Craft

"The 19' 8" deep vee Mongoose has a classy ski boat look with ample freeboard and modernistic contour and an 18 degree deep vee hull. The Mongoose is outstanding in its responsiveness and consistency while turning at any speeds.It reaches plane quickly and acceleration is impressive. For skiing, it lays down a wide wake, and gives you a fine test of your ability."

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Stillwater Boats

"The Stillwater Boats are built using a unique new method of cutting and bending plywood that results in a finely shaped hull with no ribs to sand around, no strakes to bevel, and minimal
fairing.Using a simple stitch-and-glue technique, you create a true rounded bilge canoe or kayak that is beautiful, lightweight, functional, and easy to sand and finish."

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Stillwater Boats

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Cajun Pirogue

Uncle John's General Store

"You've heard of the six hour canoe?
Meet the Cajun Pirogue! "

"For the easiest-building boats we've ever come across, write Uncle John's Easy-Build Kit,"

Mother Earth News...September 1997

A great father-son project, or simply fulfill your own fantasy, to "build a boat".


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Shell Boats

"Shell Boats are built using a unique and very effective glued Lapstrake method which is the result of years of research and development. Roots go back to the Dutch vlets and the Norwegian holmsbupram of centuries ago. The synthesis of these ancient, simple construction methods with modern materials -
epoxy, stainless steel fastenings, and marine plywood - produces a handsome craft which is strong and durable as well as economical to build and maintain."

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Shellcat 22

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Spray 33A

Bruce Roberts Design

"For over thirty years, our chief designer, Bruce Roberts-Goodson. AM SNAME, has been designing cruising sailboats and powerboats with the one-off boatbuilder in mind. These designs range in size from 19 feet through 78 feet ( 5.8 M - 24 M ) and can be built in all materials - Steel or Aluminum or Copper Nickel. The metal boats can be built in multi-chine, radius chine or round bilge. Other plans are designed for C-flex (fiberglass), Foam Sandwich and single skin; and also Wood Epoxy.

"Our emphasis has always been "Build for Less" and the packages contain full size patterns for the builder to build his hull - no lofting required -detailed construction drawings as well as information on building one's own tools, fittings, self steering vane, mast, trailer (for trailerable boats) etc."

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Newfound Woodworks

"The Rangeley Boat is a distinctive American sporting boat that has been in use on the Rangeley Lakes of Maine for something like 100 years, and was well known to past generations of fishermen for its numerous excellent characteristics."

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The Rangeley Boat

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