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The Bolger Windsprint "Samantha June"

by Robert Lundy robert@seawyse.com

visit Robert's website: https://www.seawyse.com/flboatyard

I started my Bolger Windsprint in September of 1999 with the last date available to have it done as May 1, 2000 (the Cedar Key Messabout is in May!). So far the hull is assembled, bottom glassed and many of the other parts cut out. I'm planning (Hoping!) to build a bird's mouth hollow mast as detailed in a recent Woodenboat, for lightness. For anyone interested, a full building log is underway at may Website.

The boat is named for my daughter Samantha, born July 21, 1999. So far, I know of 2 other guys building boats who have infants at home. A sociologist might find a trend here (Oprah topic: Men who hide in the garage! And the women who love them!)

I'm in debt to folks like John Bell, Mike Masten and Michael Jennings who have offered advice and support thus far. And this is an addictive hobby; I'm already studying plans for other boats!

Robert Lundy


1) Looonnnggg Chine and Gunwale stock.  Look out pedestrians! truck wood 2.jpg (22332 bytes)
2) Sides cut out and awaiting the buttstraps Windsprint const.jpg (15120 bytes)
3) Derails of my "square scarf"
(a lap joint in plywood)
ws1.jpg (14338 bytes)
4) Lots of epoxy in that lap joint!  And everything heavy I could find.
Note the curl in the pine plywood.
ws3.jpg (17710 bytes)
5) 16' of plywood.  This joint should work OK for me.  But I think its not
such a great idea in an area of high stress.  And it was a tremendous amount of work.
ws4.jpg (15180 bytes)
6) Wrapping the sides around the three molds.   the beauty of Instant boats! ws5.jpg (15805 bytes)
7) All wrapped up!  Its a boat! ws9.jpg (11402 bytes)
8) My setup with portable table saw for ripping the long chine logs and gunwales. ws11.jpg (15135 bytes)
9) "Square scarfed" bottom in place awaitng rough trimming and fastening.  The curl worked for me! ws12.jpg (19313 bytes)
10) Chine logs going in.  Lots of cheap chinese c-clamps ws13.jpg (19939 bytes)
11) This is the boat with the chine edges faired and rounded over.  Note the "boat cart" I had to build when the boat got too heavy to move in and out of the garage. ws14.jpg (19337 bytes)
12) Here is the 6 oz glass cloth laid on and trimmed.  Baby Samantha reviews the work thus far. ws15.jpg (15312 bytes)
13) Epoxy is slowly going on.  A big job! ws16.jpg (17354 bytes)


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