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Marty's Boat Story

My  brother-in-law is an accomplished auto mechanic and received a 19' runabout in payment for some work he had done. The boat was in fairly decent shape, 85hp outboard, trailer, but did have some floor rot. One day he and a friend decided that a floor repair was in order, they had rebuilt the motor and wanted the boat in perfect shape for their fishing expeditions.

The standard tools they decided on were the same marine grade plywood as the original floor, drywall screws, electric driver, and several cases of beer. Removing the original floor in the 100 degree TN sun required a substantial amount of beer, but they did an excellent job. As the day progressed and the beer supply dwindled, the new flooring took shape, all were quite proud.

The next day was declared a fishing day and all went down to the TN River for the launch. Only problem was, the boat would not come off the trailer, it was held fast by about 500 2" drywall screws, placed through the bottom of the boat and into the trailer.

Contributed by  Marty Malinowski <martym@frontiernet.net>
Visit Marty's website:  https://www.frontiernet.net/~martym

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