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Date:  Mon, 30 Nov 1998 21:50:03 -0500
From: "MIKE GOODWIN" <panmanii@pinn.net>
To:  duckworks@hilconet.com

Here are the photos I promised of the DC-10 at the rendevous.  It belongs to a friend's daughter- Marie Cobb.  It was built for her by Bob Guess of B&B Boatshop in Va. Beach, Va.  Her dad owns the Pelican that you have a picture of.  I should have some pix of a nutshell pram and a shellback dingy soon. 
bonita002&kermit.jpg (15374 bytes)
dc-10-1.jpg (19783 bytes)

The DC-10 is a 9' 10" sailing rocket,has a cockpit big enough for two, it uses a windsurfer mast , has a daggerboard ,it is designed by Douglas Cooper 1-617-548-2297, it planes rather quickly and is great fun to sail .  The Rendevous was the 2nd annual Lafayette River Raft-up & Rendevous held on Oct.10 it is a small gathering sponsored by Nautical Adventures ( non-profit ) and the boat shop I work with , The Carpenter's Workshop . We are planning several other get- togethers here on the lower Chesapeake Bay.


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