Lightning 17 Kayak

by Herb McLeod

Conveniently located about a kilometer from my house is the boat building /supply shop, Boat Craft. The shop is owned and operated by Don Moore. This is a second-generation enterprise founded by Don's father Jim in 1950. Don has a lifetime love for kayaks and after much experimentation has designed this beautiful 17-foot multichine sea-touring model. He calls it the Lightning 17 and it is sold under the Waters Dancing Boat Kits label. Don has made this boat available as a kit that sells for about $1200.00 Cdn (that's about $830 US). The kit is very complete, including precut parts, WEST epoxy, glass cloth, wire ties, building manual, telephone support line etc. The parts are all cut from Lloyds rated BS1088 Okoume marine plywood with a computer driven router. I have not built this hull, but I have been in Boat Craft's shop enough times throughout the design and construction process to say this is one carefully thought out kit. Don's Shop is a valuable local resource and I can vouch for the integrity of his work.

Don Moore can be reached at:
BOAT CRAFT, 6316 - 106 Street, Edmonton, AB, Canada, T6H 2V3
Phone: 403.437.4919 Fax: 403.433.4373

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