Little Gem

by Herb McLeoud

What makes the boat so easy to build is the outside chine logs, this saves a lot to fitting and notching. Many do not like the look of an outside chine log but after building a many skiffs in this manner I appreciate the ease of construction. For a first time builder who wants a useful boat to row and motor this is a great design. It is a good size, as it will easily hold three. The third boat I stretched to 15.5 feet by proportionately increasing the spacing between the frames. The boat was much more stable (I could fly fish from the stern while standing up) motored better but was much slower to row. If I were to do it again I would probably do what Ken Swan did when he stretched the design and lengthen the stern on the original design by continuing the taper and rocker aft.

My wife likes to row and this boat is her favorite for exploring the shoreline or visiting the neighbours. 

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