Small Ohio Sharpie

by Herb McLeod

If one is an experienced boat builder you could build the boat from the offsets and drawings in the book.  I did not loft out the boat full size but rather built the frames right from the table of offsets. This worked out well and the lines were fair (whew!). The only change I had to make from the drawings was to deepen the rudder a couple of inches. Until I did this getting the boat underway in a strong wind was tenuous.

The boat sails as described by Mr. Parker and is very well balanced. I have enjoyed learning about the ketch rig, as it is very different to sail compared to a sloop rig. My concern about the boat is the low freeboard and lack of flotation. This may be traditional when boats were built with planks but if I was to do it again I would raise the freeboard 4 inches or more and build in large front and rear flotation compartments so if the boat was dumped you may be able to self-recover it. As is, I have yet to dump the boat in three years of sailing but I am cautious.

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