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Black Cat

By Dudley Dix dixyacht@iafrica.com

Visit his web page at:  https://www.dixdesign.com/

This one was for me! For the first time in my professional design career I was the client. I drew her to be the type of boat that I enjoy - light, responsive, fast and fun.

Her lines are thoroughly modern, with short overhangs, fine bow at the waterline and powerful stern. Sections are slightly Veed throughout the length to give a large planing surface, efficient when upright or slightly heeled. The forward underbody has been shaped to develop dynamic lift to keep the bow up at speed and promote surfing and planing.

Construction of this yacht is radius chine plywood, drawn for ease of construction. I built her myself in my garden to prove the innovative methods of construction which I designed into her, to achieve a strong and light structure which could be built by people with average handyman skills and a very modest budget.

Her hull is Israeli Gaboon Marine plywood hull and deck over WBP plywood bulkheads, Mexican Cedar stringers and selected Meranti backbone, sheer clamps, carlins etc. Interior joinery is partially Gaboon marine plywood and partially WBP plywood. Adhesives used in the hull construction are resorcinol and epoxy. The entire hull and deck skin and all attached framing are coated inside and out with 3 coats 100% solids low viscosity resin, ie the "WEST" method. External paint system is two-pack polyurethane. Inside paint system is single-pack silicone-urethane.


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