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Microtrawler: Final Update
by George Shannon gjs309@magiclink.com
Be sure and read: MICROTRAWLER

November 11, 2000

 These pictures close out the period from May of 1999 to June of 2000 and the planning, construction, launching and outfitting Microtrawler. Since launch, I have spent about 70 hours aboard and underway. She is still a joy to handle and just float around on the water in. Cruising with one foot on the wheel and leaning out the door is my most pleasant times aboard. I do recommend to anyone who builds her to consider a 50 hp four stroke due to the effects of loading with passengers. My 40 hp 2 stroke is a minimum for overall use. When alone, 22 mph and practically full plane is easy, but that reduces to 7-10mph and 25% plane with four people aboard. I have included some underway shots as well as some interior changes from the original posting on Duckworks. I sure want to thank Chuck for the service he provides to we mariners great and small.

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