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A few months back, Chris Flynn wrote about his Bolger Bobcat, Flynn's Folly for this magazine.  A couple of weeks ago, he asked if we would like for him to report on Jim Michalak's Midwest Messabout, since he was going to attend anyway.  Of course we jumped at the chance to carry such an account, and here it is.  Thanks, Chris, for all your work.

Jim Michalak's Midwest Messabout
by Chris Flynn manta@localline.com

HI Chuck..  here are the pictures from the Midwest messabout at Rend Lake in mid-south Illinois.
02.jpg (30962 bytes) Here are Kilburn Adam's and Bill Dulin's boats. They are Kilburn's design. Kilburn has a web site that is linked from Jim Michalak's site.
This is the inside of Bill's boat, These were VERY SHARP!!! they are both powered by 25 horsepower motors they looked great on the water! 01.jpg (21501 bytes)
03.jpg (17489 bytes) This is Larry Applebaum's " Swamp Yankee" Canoe .. this boat is unbelievably light,

04.jpg (23908 bytes)
This is Rich Scobbie's Piraga, designed by Jim Michalak.. Rich's son Ben was very good at paddling this boat( so was Rich's wife  Karen)

05.jpg (18631 bytes)
John Bell Drove all the way up from Georgia and brought his Michalak designed  "Sport Dory". This is a great boat! I am new to this boating stuff  and this was the first boat that I have ever rowed. I have to say that Rowing is very relaxing and fun! This has to be on my "to Build " list.

Kay Ellifrit and Laura showed up in their beautifully built Iain Oughtred designed lapstrake row boat ( I think it was a 111/2 foot) 06.jpg (17794 bytes)
07.jpg (20481 bytes) It was very impressive and from what I understand it was their first boat project!
John Bell and I( Chris Flynn) are getting ready to put Flynn's Folly in for a sail... the wind was pretty strong that day (10-15 knots) and with Rend being so shallow the waves were pretty active.John is a very experienced sailor so I had him take the helm and I ran the mainsheet. It was great! 08.jpg (25425 bytes)
09.jpg (11503 bytes) Here we are coming back into the cove where every one else was.
I am getting the sail down. 10.jpg (12457 bytes)
11.jpg (17232 bytes) Here is Jim Michalak rowing John Jankousky's  elegant punt. ( John and his Family came all the way from Golden Colorado for the messabout, he is from the area and also brought his parents who live nearby) Jim said that the Elegant punt rows amazingly well for a "Square" boat .. looks cool too!.. John brought his sail, mast and rigging but it was a little too windy to use.
Here is a bunch in the shade ... 12.jpg (35494 bytes)
13.jpg (27024 bytes) It did get a little hot in the afternoon, even with the wind blowing so hard... that is the Midwest for you!
This is Max Wawrzyniak's 1958 Crestliner with a 1942 Johnson motor on her. this was a very cool boat and the motor would get the boat up and out of the water. 15.jpg (26261 bytes)
14.jpg (15590 bytes) I don't know much about antique boats or motors but I was very impressed with this.  Max is a member of the Antique Outboard Motor Club .. they have a web site here.  P.S  check out the whitecaps and waves behind Max , that is where we were before moving to the cove.
John and Susan McDaniel from Indiana are the owners of the Famous Micro "Banty"  I was very disappointed that they could not bring her. They did come over for the dinner Saturday Evening. Here they are talking to Jim Michalak leaning on Jim's AF4.. In Picture 16.jpg (26541 bytes)
17.jpg (29030 bytes) Jim's AF4 is out for the day.
John Jankousky and Dave Gray ( of the Polysail Fame) are unloading Dave's Bolger Cartopper. 18.jpg (23552 bytes)
19.jpg (24115 bytes) Dave is going out in the cove for a sail.. If you look closely a Dave's Polysail you can see the window that he is experimenting with. I thought it was a great addition to the polysail. watch Dave's website for that new feature
I did not get to stay for the Dinner that night , And I am sorry that  I didn't . I know from the messabout that I attended at Lake Monroe in Indiana last summer that the dinner was the best part of the day!!!! ( in food and company and conversation!!!) I will plan on staying next year for the dinner .

I am a little surprised that more did not show up for the messabout, being new to the boating life I have really enjoyed the two that I have attended, and plan of going to many more. If there is a messabout near you... GO!   you will be amazed at what you will see, learn, and laugh about.

That is about it Chuck 

This is Chris Flynn reporting from Rend Lake Illinois for Duckworks ( I had to say that ha!  ha!  ha!)....

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