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John Bull's Peterboat
by Bob Williams - hankwms@ktc.com

Ever since my last boat, I had been trying to decide between two small cruising designs of Jim Michalak's, the Harmonica, and the IMB. While waiting for more information about them, I needed a small project to stop the DT's until I could get my teeth into the cruiser. I had long admired John Bull's Peterboat, and had a set of plans from Lost in the Woods Boatworks. John Bull is a British designer whose plans are also available through Solway Dory.
The Peterboat is a fifteen and a half foot double chine canoe designed for stitch and tape construction. She has a twenty eight inch beam for stability, and is meant to be used either for sailing or paddling. The boat can accommodate either two medium sized passengers, or one person and a considerable amount of gear. The idea was that my wife Lucille would ride with me bob12.jpg (15330 bytes)
and do all the paddling - for now, I just can't get her to go along with that part of the plan.

bob02.jpg (15559 bytes)
The temporary building frame shown was optional, but I am glad I used one.

My version of this boat was built with 4 MM Okume ply for the skin, which was scarfed to get the length required. I had just enough 1/4 " yellow pine from another project for the bulkheads. Ash was used for the gunwales and thwart, and yellow pine for the deck beams. I had a couple of scraps of Mahogany that I used for the stems. I wasn't sure if I wanted a skeg or not, so I used a piece of white pine that would be easy to remove if I decided I didn't want it.
The hull was covered with six oz. glass and System Three Resin. Side decks and coamings were optional but I elected to build them for a little additional security. The leeboard fixture is my own design: it clamps onto the coaming without holes and can be moved for and aft to help achieve balance.

bob04.jpg (22914 bytes)
I used Pine for the inwale, Ash for the outwale

bob08.jpg (17339 bytes)
Sturdy framing for crowned and side decks

Next time, I would use marine grade Luan, because it can be had locally for almost half the $60/sheet that I paid for the Okume. I'm also a little disappointed with the finished weight of 75 lb. The plans said forty-five, but it is unclear whether that includes the decks. That said, I am happier with this boat than any of the 8 or 9 other boats that I have built.
Anyway the project served its purpose, and I have decided on the IMB for my next boat. I would start on it right away, but I am having too much fun with this Peterboat.

Here you can see the addition of mast partner, and bulkhead inspection plates.

bob09.jpg (22404 bytes)

bob10.jpg (18150 bytes)

Okume desks added...

...and coamings as well.

bob11.jpg (18149 bytes)

bob15.jpg (18916 bytes)

Here is a  a little polytarp spritsail I built for reaching and downwind work.

The Peterboat looks right at home on the trailer with my Piccup Pram.

bob16.jpg (15950 bytes)


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