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The MhPS Project

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by Guest Columnist Captain Len Susman

Multihull Preservation Society


A short time ago there was a post on a owner of a Newick Native looking for a home and considering donating to a non profit oganization

Then I found and bought back one of my orignal TRIKINI 13's built in 1968

And a couple of years ago I looked at a Piver 32 that had sailed from CA to FL that needed repair but was restorable that the owner gave away.

And then I have been looking for a new venture.

Not interested in a money making manufacturing business, just something that could be defined as messing around in boats and giving back some of the opportunity and pleasue multihull boating has given me.

Then I saw an ad for an 8 acre site , that was an old fish house with solid bulkheading and dockage at a good price.

And I remembered the many small marinas, fish camps and the like that existed in Florida 30+ years ago that have now been zoned and developed out of existance


I said a big part of history is being lost. 30 year old cars are now classics, 5 year old computers are collectors items and there is a whole generation that have not seen up close many of the multihulls of the 60's and 70's.

That for a whole generation there is no entry into multihulls that isn't highly specialized , high tech, complex and expensive.

And so the idea for the MhPS.

To save some of this craft sitting in yards and owners back yards, and to promote the "old fashioned" ideal of the multihull concept. simple, light,fast and economical

We have "field tested" the idea on a captive audience of sorts, those on my Trikini email list.

Now we are going to start broadening this audience.

If you'd like to learn more and give us some support drop a line



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