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The Duckworks 2000 Amateur Design Competition

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The List:

This is the list of entries for the Duckworks 2000 Amateur Design Competition in alphabetical order.  I urge you to review the brief, then study each design before voting.   Use the links above to vote, view the results, and to discuss the various designs.   Have fun.  By the way, you should observe the honor system, and only vote one time.


Gavin Atkin  

Review of Brief


  • is for cruising safely in coastal areas normally displaying settled conditions. This implies some attention to both shoal ability and seaworthiness.

  • must use sail as its primary motive power.

  • must be legally trailerable behind a family car. Design to your local laws or max beam 2.5m, up to you. Launch and retrieval should be easy for two people.

  • must be capable of acting as a basic home to 2 adults for up to a week. Cabins, cuddies, boom tents, beaching and shore camping, or combinations of these are all acceptable.

  • must be home buildable with normal DIY hand/ power tools …materials & construction methods are open.

  • must cost under $US10k or equivalent, including trailer which, along with items providing motive power, may be second hand. All other material/fittings to be new.


Bluestone_Sailplan_toffee_small.gif (3087 bytes)

Castles in the Air

Sailplan_small.gif (1648 bytes)
John Foster  


thumb.jpg (2576 bytes)
Milton Johnson  

Questing Beast

main.gif (18766 bytes)
Dana Munkelt  


sailplan_small.gif (1372 bytes)
John Perry  

19 Foot Cruising Trimaran

duck02_small.gif (2461 bytes)
David Routh  

Simple Cruiser

drawing_small.gif (1830 bytes)
Michael Surface  

Little Big Boat

lbb01_small.gif (1814 bytes)
David Telles  

Square Knot

sloop_small.gif (1628 bytes)
Marc Van Dressel  

catam3d_small.gif (4521 bytes)

CCC550 ccc5503dc_small.gif (6932 bytes)
RectoVerso recto3d_small.gif (6175 bytes)
Trimarc trimarc3d_small.gif (8326 bytes)
Peter Vanderwaart  


sailplan_small.gif (2414 bytes)
Horst Werner  

5 M Folding Tri

perspthumb_small.gif (3360 bytes)
Dave Zeiger  


tsail_thumb.gif (2196 bytes)

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