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Hi Chuck,

Uncle John's had a 10' Jboat a few years ago.  It has been taken off the market and revised to 10' to 12'.  I am building the prototype 12' for him.  A picture is attached.  (Don't you love those digital cameras?)

I built a set of outriggers for a pirogue/kayak a couple years ago.  Pics attached.  I gave the pirogue to our church for a raffle.  Kept the outriggers.  They are from Chesapeake Light Craft plans as published in Multihulls.  They are 8' long and 10' wide.  Fun to make but I no longer have a use for them.  I will sell them for a reasonable cost if anyone wants them.

I have the plans for the Pcat 18.  Seems to be buildable.  I bought a Hobie 14 mast the other day.  I already have a spare H14 boom and sail.  Uses the H14 mast and main.  Larger jib.  That rig is fairly easy to raise and set up from a trailer.  I have a Tremolino 23 which I hoped to travel with, but it is too time consuming to knock down from 16' wide to 8' wide.  Otherwise it's a good boat.  I figure the Pcat 18 will be a snap.  I'll sell the T23.

I ordered plans for the Swamp Yankee canoe recently.  $15.  Looks nice.  One of these days I'll build it.

Take care,

Ken Abrahams abrahams@structurex.net

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