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A friend of mine saw the boat I made for Angelina. He wanted one too for hunting. I had to say that Angelina's would not suit him, his purposes and broken spine.  Scaling Angelinas boat to his size and weight would produce a goodlooking, fast boat all right, but he wanted a small, low draft stable boat that could be manouvred in reeds and finally put inside his small halfcombi. (He canīt easily cartop alone.)  Given the maximum lenght and draft, reedcapability etc, I came upp with "ANKAN" or "The DUCK" in english. 

Itīs made of 4.5 mm birch plywood, glass outside an all epoxied.
It was made in 10 days, 6 hour one day and 2-4 hours the rest. Painting not counted. No drawing was used.  A broken gardenchair saved a lot of work.  Works fine, easy propelled, light, takes waves well and all. There is not room for much gear like sleepingbag, tent and such. Maximum speed is maybe only ― of an ordinary kayak. But for sneaking or exploring where nobody else can go or turn itīs perfect. Build one yourself!

LOA: 2.92 meter
Maximum width: 0.95 meter
Bottom width: 0.70 meter

Dejan dejan.petrovic@privat.utfors.se


ANKAN was built on a ladder. Simplest stich and glue.

 d-02.jpg (16934 bytes)

4.5 mm birch plywood was bent or twisted where possible.
"Tortured" plywood get stiff. No internal strukture was needed.

d-01.jpg (17425 bytes)

This design is easy to alter to fit everyone.

Bill.jpg (26757 bytes)

Bill in heīs own huntingboat.

d-04.jpg (24188 bytes)

A broken gardenchair serve as seat.
Note that panels are twisted or curved.
Midships care has been taken to allow for the motion of the paddle.

bill2.jpg (34944 bytes)

line.gif (878 bytes)

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