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Hi all,

After a long rainy January and February, and just before the start of yet another season of little league, I managed to get my Perfect Skiff, Nimbus 2000, out for another sail. This time I was able to get the centerboard all the way down (the pendant jammed in the slot on the (maiden voyage), and the difference in handling was dramatic. The boat points well, tacks crisply, and goes fast even with the smallish rig I installed. I did, however, have a nifty asymmetrical spinnaker made for the boat, which I finally got back from my sailmaker a couple of weeks ago. Still haven't had a chance to try it, but I'm hopeful that it'll be a downwind dream without being an upwind nightmare. I did get some good pictures of the boat sailing this last time out. At some point I hope to set up a web page, but I've been thinking that for a long time and so far thought has not resulted in even any virtual action.

John Tuma

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