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My name is Tom and I built a 20ft sharpie about 2yrs ago.  It took me about a years of weekends to do it.  I didn't know much about sailing so I built a boat to learn how and now I'm hooked.  I would like to build another boat in the near future.  Something with a little cabin.  The name of my boat is the "Tomfoolery" and I built it in Manteo North Carolina as part of college class.  Well the class was nothing more than a guy who help you get started and then let you go on your on and help you with any questions.  I did not have any plans, just another boat to take measurements from.  There were 4 other guys in the class at different stages of building their boats.  Some didn't finish.  I live in Portsmouth Virgina and sail the Tomfoolery all the time and all over the place.  I even took it up to the Finger Lakes of  New York. 

Thanks  Tom Marks  t.marks3@gte.net

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