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Paul Browne

“Miss Katie”

First Place

Milton "Skip" Johnson


Second Place

Bob Patterson


Third Place

Here are the winners of the 2002 design competition.  As is always the case with a judged competition such as this, the results are mainly a function of the preferences of the judges.  That is not to say that they did not do a wonderful job in picking these winners.  Russell Conder remarked: "Well this hasn't been easy, and I thought it would be."  He went on to lament that economy and ease of build were not given as judging criteria.  I have to admit that I overlooked that.  Sigh.

Anyway, I want to heartily thank the Judges for their efforts.  I also want to thank ALL the contestants.  These contests are a lot of fun for all involved.  It's even fun for the innocent bystanders.  Stay tuned for the announcement of our next contest: An Apartment Boat