The Fourth Duckworks Design Competition
Deadline: September 1, 2003


Your wife is mildly amused at you spending hours on the computer pouring over boat building forums and the various designs you can view on the web, though only mildly. You could probably convince her to put up with you actually building a boat if it resulted in minimal inconvenience to her. That would mean that she still has to be able to watch TV, and get to the kitchen, the bathroom, the bed and the closet even while you are working on the boat. Each work session would have to end with a full clean up.

You live in a fifth floor studio apartment in Greenwich Village.  There is not much room, but, you do have a space 8' x 4' x 2' to store a boat in (it would be nice to have some of that left over).  If your wife is going to put up with you building a boat, she is going to want to go for boat rides at least a few times. Most of the time you would use it by yourself, but you like to go sailing with a friend. Row, sail, paddle or power, you want something that can handle two adults and a fishing pole or a picnic lunch.

Design a boat that can be built in your apartment, and stored in it. Remember that your wife will happiest if it is small.  On the other hand, you don't want to spend all your time lugging wrestling it down the elevator and putting it together, so there will be some compromising on weight and assembly time.  Power is always a consideration.  You might want to sail with your buddy, but your wife would rather that you row or paddle, on the other hand, a motor will get you where you want to go anytime.  The pieces for power take up space and are heavy, but they enhance the possibilities for use.


First place winner gets a years free subscription to Duckworks
Second place winner gets a six months subscription
Third place winner gets three months free

General Rules

The organizer of the Competition is Duckworks Magazine.

All correspondence should be emailed to

Or addressed to

Duckworks Magazine
P.O. Box 10
Harper, TX  78631, USA

The competition is open to anyone other than the following:

  • Previous contest winners
  • Professional Boat Designers
  • Career path Boat Design students who have completed 40% or more of their Course

Entrants retain Copyright of their designs or drawings. However, it is a condition of entry that the Organizer retains the right to display at public shows, publish in Duckworks (including its supplements and associated publications, whether printed or electronic), in full or part, any submitted material, written or electronic.

Entry Requirements

  • Three drawings or sketches including:
    • Plan view
    • Front elevation
    • Side elevation
  • list of statistics (measures, weights, etc.)
  • 1000 (or fewer) words of description
  • 100 word bio.

The Deadline is September 1, 2003


Judging will be based on the following criteria:
  • 1. smallness of size
  • 2. lightness of weight
  • 3. ease of build
  • 4. ease of transport, setup, and return to storage
  • 5. number of propulsion options


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