Rattlesnake Creek


Rattlesnake Creek
by Rick Bedard

We took our Microtrawler "Reddy" on river cruise, to the headwaters of Rattlesnake Creek, in search of the creek's namesake.

This long curvy oak limb looking like a snake inspired the boys to get out and search, but none were found here.

The creek gets narrow in places

It's 20' deep mid-channel

We ran out of creek, but are there snakes?
The boys decide to build a dam to trap fish while nearby, unknown to them, right below the arrow....

Look close... In the lower left section of the cement block, looks like a gray/brown lump curled up.

A little one, maybe 12"-14" long. It gave us a warning rattle and moved slowly down it's hole. You can just make out the last of it's tail, actually the rattle, (black and beige striped) on the soil in the circle I added. It's slender body is hanging straight down the left side of the hole.

Good-bye to the rattlesnake and Rattlesnake Creek