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The inventor of the stitch-and-glue boatbuilding technique died at a good age a few days ago, and I thought people should know about it!

Bucknell didn't design the Mirror on his own - as this link shows - but in working with Holt he created one of the biggest boat fleets ever seen. More important, however, was his masterstroke invention of stitch-and-glue epoxy-glasss tape construction, which revolutionised backyard boat building.

Mankind has been sewing boats together for a very long time - it would be interesting to find out whether Bucknell knew this at the time.

You and I both know that there are any number of people building and offering stitch-and-glue boats - but the comment I'd make is that almost without exception they don't mention the technique's inventor. I think Bucknell's contribution in this area is all but forgotten.

Cheers, Gav

Hi there,

a new interesting trimaran is offered by Ray Kendrick, Austrailia. The tri is what americans would call a tiny, little pocket cruiser, but good enough for inshore and offshore voyages. It will be fast, because of the modern shape of the hulls. The designer put an eye on the weight while constructing and building the tri as a prototype!

It will be possible to build it in your backyard or in a huge garage. Homebuilding kits will be available with precut parts out of plywood. You can do it in GRP, too, if you will use Airex formed over the bulkheads. Plans are going to be very detailed, and you will get templates in original size! Generic the plans will be measured with metric informations, if you need imperial, contact the designer and ask for!

Here is the link of the new Scarab 22:

Make you dream come true and build it on your own!

Ralph-Peter Paris

Go and have a look at for the sortofmessabout that I was judging a couple of weeks ago, good fun. Like a cross between the events at Lake Tahoe and a low key messabout.

John Welsford

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Captain Pauley Video Productions has released the latest in their series of “How To” CD-ROMs.

“How to Install Fixed Windows” takes the viewer through the process of replacing old cracked, crazed or leaking fixed windows. Aimed at the owners of older power or sailboats, this CD covers all aspects of the process, from preparing the cabin side through final installation.

Included in the CD are three different methods of installing the windows, including an innovative “tee-nut” approach that eliminates the usual fastener holes through the cabin side that are potential leaks.

This CD is offered for PC owners in the popular MS-PowerPoint (TM) format. Images are high-resolution and in color. In addition, there are many full color illustrations and diagrams. The viewer can jump to any point in the CD or even print out a hard copy of an important step or process.

The production was photographed aboard, CPVP’s project boat, a Columbia 10.7 (35 foot).

The CD retails for $12.95 and is shipped via First Class Mail. Trade discounts are available

Paul Esterle, the CD author, is a boating writer as well as a video and CD producer. Paul’s articles can be seen in SAIL, SMALL CRAFT ADVISOR, BLUE WATER SAILING and GOOD OLD BOAT.

Contact: Paul Esterle
Captain Pauley Video Productions
PMB 253
1101 Volunteer Parkway, Suits 5
Bristol TN 37620


Progressive Epoxy Polymers, Inc. has just posted a new web
page that explains what/how to compare different marine
epoxies from a chemical composition perspective, rather than
just based upon gross properties.

The URL is as follows:


Paul Oman