Biplane rigged Catamaran

In the late 70s I designed and built a crude sailing catamaran ,meant for ferrying building material to GB island.
It was 31 feet long out of steeltubes(rolled 2,5 mm plates),4 scaffoldingig planks (upright), keels 10 apart, 9 inch shallow 8 feet long keels, for grounding and lateral resistance.

2 telegraph poles 19 feet long in heavy tabernacles, hinged, lowered when needed.

Sails - 5 battens, fan shape (home designed of awning material approx. 16o square feet each.

Took a while to get it sailing on the wind in light to medium wind, best result with the windward sail a wee bit harder in than leeward. Seems paradoxical, beam reach was different - leeward harder.

It steered so well with the sails alone that I could take both rudders off.

Wing and wing downwind in a breeze broke some battens - which were just pine from the local building supply. Better material would be polyethylene water pipe.

Well, I'd really like to hear from your readers.

Best wishes Hermann Otto