Hi Chuck, here's one for the Projects section. Paul Groome of Auckland New Zealand is making good progress with his Pathfinder. He has just fitted the side decks, had the seats and raised floor (bunk space) in, the motor well is visible on the boats port side aft and the boomkin mount for the mizzen sheet is also just visible inside the transom just above the seat level.

As the bowsprit does not have side stays (whiskers) it is a pretty impressive piece of Old growth Douglas Fir, the anchor well opening is just out of sight on the other side of the foredeck, and the myriad clamps on the deck edge are holding the doublers which the coaming will be screwed to.
For a near first time builder he is making really good progress. (he built a JW Seagull last year, and caught the boatbuilding bug, an incurable affliction that causes grown men to wander about the workshop with glazed expression, covered in sawdust and glue, waving a sabre saw and looking for plywood to cut)

John Welsford