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Pictures from Waterford NY
by Eric Schadow

Waterford NY is located at the confluence of the Mohawk River (Erie Canal) and the Hudson River. It is situated roughly half way between New York City and Montreal. This is a very historic area and Waterford
is one of the earliest incorporated villages in the United States. Waterford has a beautiful dock area in a nice small village setting just below Lock 2 of the Erie Canal. (click for website).

My family and I had the pleasure of visiting Waterford three times this summer with a chance to view some fabulous water craft.

The first visit was to the Annual Steam Boat Festival. It was very hot and the dock area is all concrete so we kept to the shade as much as possible. I thought fooling with old outboards was enough just think of
having to work a steam engine for propulsion.

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two of eight or nine steam boats at the festival
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Most of the boats were well maintained and were really nice.

Erie Canal Lock 2 is just upstream from the Waterford Dock. As we were returning to our car we stopped and watched a small boat approach and enter the lock. We shouted back and forth and I found out they had spent the last five days traveling the Erie Canal starting in Buffalo NY. What a Hoot!!! The guy in the middle was pretty sunburnt but they were having a great time.

the adventurers in the lock and waiting for the lock master to lower the water
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A few weeks later my family and I were able to catch up with Brad Indicott and his V-39 "Leah Gent" when he was tied up to the Waterford Dock Wall. He and his wife were wonderful and talked with us for quite a while. This boat is just wonderful. The V-39 is on the top of my "retirement cruise" boat lists. (click for Brad's website)

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“Leah Gent”

Waterford hosts an annual Tugboat Roundup Festival every year the weekend following Labor Day. I dragged my family, yet again, to the Waterford Dock. This website describes the festival.

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two of the dozen or so tugs tied up to the wall

We arrived later in the afternoon and the boats were closed for tours so we did not get to climb around on the boats.

We strolled down to the end of the dock and came to the point where the Erie Canal flows into the Hudson River.

The Picture above points the way north to Lake Champlain or west to the Eric Canal.

Canal boat rides were taking place during the festival.

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the tour boat during the ascent of the lock

I have watched boats go through the locks since I was a kid. I can remember my dad holding my hand so I would not fall in while I was peeking over the side. This was long before the fences around the locks were installed. I plan on using the Eric Canal locks next summer in my AF4Grande.

Thank you for letting me share these photos.

Eric Schadow