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Skiff America in the Gulf Islands
by Stephen Cifka

We really had a great time. Most of the places we stayed are provincial marine parks and you can camp / hike/ explore on completely undeveloped islands.

Anchored at Portland Island

The harbor at Portland Island. This was exposed to southerlies and
we got into a big blow and left for Genoa Bay.

Genoa Bay after a storm. We weathered heavy winds (25- 30 knots out in the strait) and rain for 2 days here. This was a very protected harbor.

Telegraph Cove. Great Marina, hot showers, refueled and a great restaurant. There was a C and C sailboat rendevous going on here and we were a really big hit! We fit right in and answered a lot of questions about the boat! The Canadians are really wonderful people with a friendly cruising culture.

Looking back at Vancouver Island

Looking out from Wallace of our favorite spots. This is looking south to the Pender Islands.