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Dear Chuck,

Last fall I wrote you about my big brother to the Bolger "Brick" called "C/M/U" (concrete masonry unit, i.e. cinder block). Built with two thicknesses of 1/4 inch lauan ply for a bottom, doubled up gunwales, stout fore and aft decks, stretched to 10 feet l.o.a., with slightly reduced hull depth, to be rigged with a standing gaff rig. As Phil Bolger predicted, it is a much different boat than his original. It is big, heavy, and less portable than "Brick", but I think it is more a "Beetle Cat" for the 21st century. And I think a lot of folks could "sleep out" in it in a pinch. One feature I came up with is the short, stout mast mast made of a ten foot 2X4 and pieces of 1X4 screwed and glued to the lower third of the mast to reinforce it. I will send the results of sea trials as soon as I have done them. Pics are attached. Thanks.

Bob Patterson