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An idea for Foot Braces

Here's a note for your consideration for Duckworks:

I have been looking for a way to add foot braces to my Wee Two canoe . It's a "sit-on-bottom", double paddle canoe, so it's handled a lot like a kayak. I wanted foot braces that are easily removable (I don't want to add to the carry weight) and I didn't want to damage the beautiful finish on which I had worked so hard. I tried using a line passed across between the gunnels and tied off in the scuppers. It worked somewhat, but not well.

Then, while browsing through the local Harbor Freight Tools store, I came across a suction cup intended for use as handles on glass plate or for pulling dents out of car panels.

I bought a couple (they are only $4.99 each) and they work great! (See photo below) You need a flat bottom section to use them and fortunately the Wee Two section is flat enough at just the right points for this purpose.

David Farless
Balcony Boats