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Measure Twice

Hi Chuck,

The boat hull design was taken from the 1955 'Boat Builders Handbook'. The plans are from a boat named Playboy. Its about 14 feet with a 68 inch beam. After I built the hull I modified the interier to be more open with a bench seat up front so the kids and I have more room. The boat took about a year to build, very much part time. Then it sat in the garage for a year until I had the trailer and motor. It was built on a stongback with frames and was originally meant to be hard chine. Again I customized by cutting a half moon out of the frames at each chine and instead of putting in the hard chines I used stitch and glue for the bottom and sides. I used MAS epoxy.

The boat was launched on the Potomac River near Washington DC and I plan us use it in the protected bays in the tidal Potomac and upstream on the fresh water areas in Western Maryland.

I really enjoy your web site and I visit it often. It's time to give some back.


Frank Talbot