Chicagoland Spring Messabout
May 6, 2006 (bad weather date May 13, 2006)
Busse Woods Forest Preserve
More Busse Lake Info
Busse Lake, South Pond
Arlington Heights, IL
Rob Rohde-Szudy, organizer
Notes: The Chicagoland messabout gang seems to be evolving a twice per year event, about as early and late as is remotely prudent in the windy city. This is a city lake, so no camping. But even though it's right off the Interstate, it feels pretty remote from all that noise. Impressive. We meet at the boat ramp on the south pond, usually around 10am or so. Busse Lake is fairly small and sheltered. Unless it's real breezy that day, sailing on Busse Lake tends to be fairly sedate, although the trees provide a bit of variety by creating various eddies and whirls in the wind pattern across the water. Since we push the envelope on the sailing season, we always have a "wind date". If it's blowing 20 knots or more, raining heavily, or very cold, we postpone. So be sure to contact me and provide both email and a phone number so we can let you know if we have to postpone.
Rob's Write-up on the Fall 2005 Chicagoland Messabout