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By Rob Rohde-Szudy - Madison, Wisconsin - USA


Chicagoland Fall Messabout 2006

The Chicagoland messabout group is a VERY loose arrangement. We’re basically an email list so we can keep each other posted on when we’re going sailing. I’m the de-facto “organizer” simply because I do the Duckworks messabout calendar.

Accordingly, it is no big deal to hold a messabout when the “organizer” can’t make it. It pained me greatly, but at least I get a little vicarious breeze in recounting the event for you. Dave Seaburg wrote the following, and his wife Tracie took the photos. He claims he can’t write but I don’t believe him. You can decide for yourself. My remarks are in brackets.

Hey Rob

What a beautiful October day at Busse Woods. Warm and no shortage of breeze. Winds were in the 15 MPH range with occasional gusts. We were sailing in shorts and tee shirts on Sunday and now Thursday I look outside and see snow. What a change.

Although we were short on participants we were long on fun. It was a great day and a terrific way to end the season, mine anyways.

A sailor, Charles Hague, (not really a part of our group) was out until the winds starting picking up.

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Tom Hamernik in his Mixer.

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Chris Feller in his new Piccup Squared. Impressive, fine sailing pram.

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[I really missed seeing this one. Looks like a really interesting boat.]

Mike Sandell in the Vector just taking it all in. The most wind he has sailed the Vector in to date.

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Dave Seaberg sailing WindIgo. Wife Tracie was with this day and can be credited for taking all of the photos.

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Ken Ziembicki in his Com-Pac 16. A beautiful 1983 (looks like new) sloop. Attracted much attention. This is a great weekend boat and more than trailerable.

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[This boat has a short bulb keel if I remember correctly. Ken knows just where he can and can’t go in this shallow little lake.]

Tom always wanted to dump the Mixer to see what happens. Got his wish at the dock. Not sure what exactly happened but I do know he was not in it at the time. Good thing, that water was COLD!

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Chris and Tom exchanging some good conversation.

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Tom "trying" to keep up with Dave Seabergs Victor 36/600 RC sailboat. The model is 20 years old and is still just as much fun as it was when new.

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An 18 foot race boat of some sort showed up. Certainly Busse is a squeeze for a boat of this speed.

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The following are just a few shots of why we were there to begin with, FUN.


There you have it folks. And thanks for Dave for getting all those photos!

Rob Rohde-Szudy
Madison, Wisconsin, USA


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