Captain Ron  

by Ron Thweatt - Hermitage Tennessee - USA


What Do you do when the TIDE is out?
Make a day Storage Box out of it.

I was doing my laundry last week when I ran out of Tide - I started to pitch the container it came in when I saw an old inspection port laying in my “give to Stacy pile.”

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I started to pitch the container.

Then it hit me - Recycle does not mean riding your bike more than once - it means make something else out of the trash. So, off to the barn with port and Tide bottle.

I traced out the inside of the port, just as you would do when installing in a boat. Then, cut the hole out with a pocket knife and fit the port to the hole. I applied liquid plumbers caulk, let it dry, tried pop rivets but they did not work, so I used some stainless steel machine screws I had in the vault where I keep such jewels. I poked some holes, put them in and added nuts to the back, put some mo caulk, cause mo is always better and there it was - a Free Storage Container Just for me!

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There it was - a Free Storage Container Just for me!

What can you put in such a container? Well, just look at the photo!

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What can you put in such a container?

Yep, you can put everything you could need for a day’s paddle or sail in this Free Waterproof Box.

The little Red Thing was given to me for my birthday by neighbor, Bob. It stays in my wallet. I think he picked it up at Target and it has served me well - scissors, ink pen, tweezers, spot light, knife and magnifying glass - great for getting splinters out of your fingers or for burning ants - although I have just been told you can do such a thing as well as start a fire.

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I also put a VHF, GPS, anchor, trash bag, net bag (just in case I catch a fish), first aid supplies in the cigar holder, extra batteries for the GPS, hat, matches, lighter, two pairs of binoculars (I don’t know why I put in two - two ‘cause I can I suppose) - and lots of other stuff.

I know you will say it’s all crammed in there and how can you find anything? Well, I usually put it all in a bag and it stays in the same mess, so at least I have something that will float, fits under my deck, and most of all who would want to steal an ole Tide bottle?

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I know you will say it’s all crammed in there and how can you find anything?

This has started to intrigue me on what you can make for free. I found myself now looking at all the pill bottles I have from the drugs that seem to be keeping me alive and somehow have found their way into my fishing bag, some in the barn and some just sit there and stare at me waiting to be turned into something.

One last word of wisdom? Did you know some of the bottles that pills come in - you know the ones it takes a vice and hammer to get the top off - can be made easy to open just by flipping the top over and they will screw back down? My smart WIFE showed me this and I just it makes me wonder, “What will they think of next?” Also, what kind of mind would ever think of such a thing? Oh, well, off to the trash can to see what wonderful treasure awaits me there.

The Queen and I find ourselves anchored just off Honeymoon Island with the new Grandkid aboard, waiting for the second child of my First Wife to return from his honeymoon with his bride.

P.S. I still have the First Wife and Thanks to my new Daughter, Mary, I now have my Second Born back! Ain’t Life grand??? Makes you feel just “DUCKEY” don’t it?

Fair Winds with just enough puffs to blow some good trash your way, so you can start to RECYCLE, just like When the Tide Goes Out.

Capt Ron

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