Finally, Another Boater  
By Bob Throne - Willow Grove, Pennsylvania - USA

Steve Bosquette is the builder of a Bolger Sneakeasy “Katie” (and eight other boats!) and organizer of the Eastern Messabout at Kingston, N.Y. June 15 - 17. Over the last year and a half, in spite of dozens of email exchanges and hours on the internet, particularly Duckworks, I had never met another boat builder or seen a home-built boat in person. That was set right in delightful fashion two nights ago when I drove over to the state launch in Croyden on the Delaware River, just north of Philadelphia. Steve had invited me and just after 6 pm this is what I saw as I arrived.

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Steve & “Katie” await

With a warm handshake and a gentle shove off the pier we were away. Steve built “Katie” about five years ago, enjoyed her for a couple of years but then sold her … only to buy her back a year later! After just a few minutes aboard I could see why. In addition to her distinctive sleek lines, she carries her 27’ length and 4’ beam with ease and grace. A 15 hp motor eased us out into the ½ mile wide Delaware and we cruised up river at 3 or 4 knots with a steadiness that belies that big flat bottom. Not once did she pound nor rock, even crossing a few one and two foot wakes.

Katie's long bow.

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I was so absorbed with getting to know Steve and peppering him with new builders questions that I immediately took the boats steady performance for granted. Steve told me she’s been in really heavy seas and performed well. After these several years she certainly looks great and made for a delightful evening.

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The Burlington Bridge

The Delaware is still tidal up here and Steve had come up from his mooring in Rancocas on the NJ side in about ½ hour, on the latter part of high tide. We went further north, up under the PA/NJ Turnpike bridge, then under the Burlington Bridge, passing the park and marina in Burlington on the NJ side. We then swung around Burlington Island and back down on the PA side.

Below Burlington Island

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The moveable seats allowed us to sit side by side, 8 feet forward of the motor, and converse easily. The conversation was greatly reassuring and equally friendly. Coming back Steve gave me the wheel and Katie was just plain easy to handle .. just keep an eye out for the occasional floating branch, angle in to any passing wake, and enjoy a beautiful evening on the water.

Katie is so looooong.

Steve took the helm to swing her back in to the channel and pier. .. she takes a fair radius to come around. The hour and a half on the water was so absorbing that I only took a dozen pictures.

Katie is just plain easy to handle

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The evening was just the shot in the arm I needed for the final push to complete Wanderer. Steve is coming by after work next week to cast an experienced eye on my effort. Turns out he works not 3 miles form my home. And more outings are in the offing .. on both boats.

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Steve and "Katie", ready to head home.

Bob Throne