The Making of Duckhouse
by Kevin O'Neill - Houston, Texas - USA

Our neighbor Jana is a music teacher. This being summertime, she thought she needed a project. A baby duck sounded like a nice thing, since we have a pond in the middle of the apartment complex and her balcony opens right onto it. A duck! How much trouble could that be? One tiny, happy duck.

As a modern sort of girl, Jana got on the Interwebs and found a duck supplier in California. Duck suppliers will Fedex ducks to you, as it turns out. Who knew? But there’s a minimum order of ten ducks. Well. Ten ducks. Still, how much trouble could ten ducks be? And that’s how ten baby ducks came to live at our little apartment complex. At first we all pretended the management didn’t know about them, but they were pretty obtrusive. Happily, they were also pretty endearing. Five baby white ones, whose type I can never remember, and five baby mallards.

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They were pretty endearing. Five baby white ones and five baby mallards.

In the fullness of time, though, certain Issues became clear. One was that the baby ducks didn’t actually like the water, much. First we tried to help them along manually:

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We tried to help them along.

Being a clever girl, though, Jana’s eventual solution involved a boat or two, depending on the looseness of your definition of “boat”. First you lure the duck into a kiddie pool:

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One duck lured into a kiddie pool.

Then you don’t give them much choice about the rest:

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The ducks are shanghaied

So that was fun. But Jana thought the ducks needed a real, proper sort of duck house. I keep trying to combine the words “duck” “house” and “shantyboat”; shantyduck? Duckyboat? I dunno. Anyway, you’ve got to like a girl whose problem solving thoughts turn right away to power tools:

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Nothing like a girl with a power tool

The six inch pvc was intended to give a bit more stability than it looked like having with just the empty oil quarts. She eventually also added some empty ten gallon water jugs. Here’s Jana and Kaylen installing the porch, after the launch:

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Jana and Kaylen

The final, idyllic image:

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Stay tuned to see if they ever get any closer…