Pacific Troller  
By Bob Arnold - Sedro Woolley, Washington - USA

Here she is, my little Paul Butler Pacific Gunning dory - still exclusively under 8' oar power and recently launched...

Sometime, I'm planning on getting a 2 to 3.5 HP fourstroke Tohatsu outboard, or possibly the lighter and slightly noisy Honda - after I recover from the trailer and build expenses.

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Anyhow, thanks for all your help and encouragement and answering some of my newbie questions. All of the folks on the forum and Paul Butler and you guys at Duckworks are the best! And Chuck, I am glad you steered me toward the MarinEpoxy. By the way, you should consider selling the clear satin finish System 3 LPU. It looks great on Okoume, IMO.

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Also, I got a big kick out of reading your article on building and launching the Rifleman. Beautiful job too! That is a boat I have contemplated building in the future. But first I got to spend some time getting to know my little dory! And I am definitely enjoying reading the various articles in Duckwork's magazine. Very well produced site!

Thanks again for your help and great service!

Bob Arnold