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Hiya devotees of ALBATROSS' Adventures, allow me to point you to Alba's latest page and project. Yours diligently, steadfastly, yea doggedly,

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SeaClear is a PC based chart plotter for Windows 2000/XP/NT/95/98/ME. With a GPS connected it displays the current position, speed, heading and other data on the screen.

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The reed boat Arbora 3 is heading to the Azores, then on to Spain. If you click on "Arbora III - Live NEW!" you can see the latest position of this lee board-equipped vessel.

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If some of your readers are getting tired of "traditional" wooden boat building methods, here's some food for thought. Great project, too. Click on the "boat building" photos.

-Tom Burton

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Mick Brown, who's Robbe Atlantis was featured in Duckworks recently has opened his own site.

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Here's an excellent site that has a PDF download with instructions for making a Greenland style paddle, and an excellent 32-minute downloadable video.

Gary Blankenship

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Bill Giles came up with a REALLY NEAT way to make foils -- super quick and easy to make a nicely shaped foil. I call it the "Bill Board".



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I have made a hobby of my inflatable raft, a Sevylor HF360, and my 10' PortaBote. I enjoyed it so much that I started a website and the website took on a life of its own, now I want to put up stuff about highly portable boats in general. - You are all invited to view and critique my website - still under
construction/evolution -
- David

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My Bolger Light Schooner is almost finished. Slide show here.

Jim Kessler

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When I built my folding kayak, I got a lot of help from this website.

Brian Anderson

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Listen to the podcast interview with Shorty Routh.


There is also a good interview with Mark Przedwojewski of Kruger Canoes


Noel David is the guy who with wife, Christy, operates He is preparing to do the next Everglades Challenge in a Klepper. He is keeping a blog here.


Chuck, you can see my report on the Sucia Island Messabout here.

Andrew Linn


Here is an interesting boat - it seems to fold up and go in the back of a van.



Here is the link to the flickr site for the new boat.



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Hi Chuck,

I finally got the Adventure 24 built and on the water. Here are some videos of it. If your offer for an article is still open, I'll take you up on it.


We got videos of the Adventure 24! Enjoy!