What better way to honor your 40th wedding anniversary than to build a boat and name it after the gem that is associated with that milestone. And Fred Nightz' boat is a special one too.

Building Michalak's Raider #1 in Estonia
Norm Wolfe commissioned Jim Michalak to design a boat to use for Raid Finland. This is the story of how Norm got the boat built and delivered to the starting line in Lovisa, Finland

Kejak - A Funny Boat
I can only imagine what it is like to build a boat on a remote Pacific island with severly limited materials and funds. Alan Berry knows, and having been through it, tells us his story.

Building a 26' Birch Bark Canoe
Not many people would want to build a birch bark canoe let alone a 26 footer. Adam Wicks not only helped build one but he also wrote this wonderful building log with many great pictures.

Building the Ladybug
You can learn a lot from Murray Stevens. He know that life is short and that you have to make the most of it. He also knows how to build boats. It's hard to believe this was his first one.


Back to Building
The subtitle of Kevin McNeill's article is - 'The evolution of a design and sidetracks along the way' - and that pretty much describes this piece which grew from an email Kevin sent.

The Challenge of Mooring - Part 1
In this comprehensive article, Tom Schultz discusses his experiences mooring his cruising trimaran. He pulls no punches, either, telling about all the things he did wrong.

The Challenge of Mooring - Part 2
In this continuation of Tom Schultz' excellent essay on mooring, the author discusses the technical details, including the proper gear and where to get it as well as a few books.


Jagular Gets Rescued!
In Tom Pamperin's story of the capsize and subsequient rescue of his Bolger Pirate Racer, there are some lessons to be learned - but they may not be the lessons you would guess.


Georgetown SC Wooden Boat Festival 2008
Tom Beck got a nice birthday present: a trip to the Georgetown South Carolina Wooden Boat Festival. He especially liked the boat building contest and fortunately took his camera along.

Eastern Messabout 2008
There is no denying that when a bunch of folks get together with their boats, fun just happens.  Steve Bosquette reveals how much fun happened last June at the Eastern Messabout.

First Annual Texas Proa Championships
I'd be surprized to learn that more than two proas had ever sailed together in Texas before this. Kevin O'Neill organized this major Proa event and put together a nice article about it.


Buy, Don't Build
John Bartlett's words will sound a little surprising, coming from someone who, by his own account, has built 20 boats (I think he is being modest), but he makes a point, so pay attention.

Many Britannia’s, multi-hulling, a schooner called Trinovante and a writer still voyaging on the `sea of time’. - Mark Steele takes another monthly dive into the waters` of the world of model sailing boats’.

Stealing a Herreshoff
When Paul Austin sent me this piece he described it as humor. But that does not really cover it. Other adjectives that come to mind include whimsical and wacky. But it is a good read.

I am always amazed at the cleverness, common sense, thoroughness and humor that Rob Rohde-Szudy brings to his monthly columns. Even if you don't need a pushpole, read this.


The Julie skiff
Gavin Atkin was one of the first contributors to Duckworks. Today he has his own blog - - and he continues to design traditional style boats in stitch and glue.

Now Who's Laughing?
A lot of folks have scoffed at Jim Michalak's tiny, little "nanoshanty" called Dockbox. Bryan Lowe isn't laughing, though, and when you read this you probably won't be either.


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