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If you know of something that would be of interest, please send me a link -

Another Glen-L Teleseminar! On August 11, 2009 at 3PM Pacific Time, I will be interviewing Kern Hendricks, owner of System Three Resins. We are calling this Teleseminar, "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About System Three Products but Were Afraid To Ask" .

Gayle Brantuk

Quite an amazing photo and the yacht was retrieved with little damage.



here's a link about the Mushulu 14 being launched. I'm beginning to write an article about it for you.

Mark Bowdidge

Here is a nifty tool that might go well on your site. I picked mine up in college for a graphic design class, and it has come in pretty handy over the years for various projects, and is maybe the kind of thing that a lot of people would use, but don't know exists. You certainly can't find them in the big box stores;

Brian Anderson

My new web site is finally up ( The new DVD will arrive in about a week

Martin Adams

I am still working with the project that was linked on May webwatch 07, but I haven't lately had eagerness to update that broken english version. Pictures are up to date.


I ran across this video in my local newspaper site:

Bill Turnbull

A spectacular superyacht has been designed by an internationally-renowned urban planning architect in a very unusual shape -- a huge sea creature.

Folks here might be interested in a couple modest improvements I've recently added to Slider-- a deck tent and a cockpit table/cooking surface.

Ray Aldridge

Well, OK then.... this sure didn't take long. The guys in Greece completing
the fairing of the hull bottom, priming, painting and getting the boat put right side up again. Picture story of the process on the site.

Chris Ostlind

My buddy Marilyn found this on the Web, thought you might enjoy it too if you're curious about the fate of the Texas City Dike after Ike.

Natalie W

I thought you might get a kick out of this cartoon: Mickey Mouse in "Boat Builders"

Bob Throne


I want to find people who could develop pop-pop boats kids can play with. See this U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission report as proof that this is needed.

Frank McNeill

Hi Chuck,

I just posted a blog entry about a recent sailing trip that I took from Halifax Nova Scotia to Cape Breton. I thought you might want to include it in your Webwatch.


Hi Chuck - this is an interesting short article about Terry Kenny, a coracle maker in the UK. s/Pete

Dear Chuck, My son has been working on a folding tender/dinghy project. He has recently launched a website which shows the results of his design and construction.
Thanks for all the work you put into the magazine. I look at it each day and I am fascinated by the variety and ingenuity of the contributions.

Martin Roberts

Ahoy Chuck, Here's a link I was sent about a book. Some very interesting facts about sailing. Anyway, thought you might be interested.


I know this is dumb, but the other days I just couldn't resist the impulse to lash Slipper together and take her down the bay to see how she floats. She floats.

Pictures here:

Ray Aldridge

Glen-L Webletter

Hey Chuck been a while. Thought you might be interested in this link. Beutiful ship. Talk to ya again.  T.J.

Please check out     Not exactly competition…

Archie Naysmith, Omaha, possible PD racer wannabe

This looks like fun, even for those of us with other types of boats.  

2nd Annual Texas Proa Championships


I had some free time, so I borrowed Greg's Green Skiff and headed to the Columbia to research the Columbia 150

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