Texas Kayak Fisherman

By Steve - Lansdowne - Austin, Texas - USA

Texas Kayak Fisherman Boat Builder Roundup at Inks Lake, May 15

The Texas Kayak Fisherman annual Boat Builder Roundup organized by designer/builder Gerald Kennedy of Brazos Boat Works in Gatesville took place this year on Saturday, May 15 at Inks Lake State Park.

Triple X fishing boat that Gerald Kennedy designed and was at the time still building for Tom Stubblefield, owner of
Photo from bow of Triple X above.

About a dozen builders and boats showed up, with boats ranging from fairly simple flat bottom kayaks to rather elaborate, custom-designed sit on top boats, some of which were designed specifically for fishing. A few were not completely finished, but that didn't stop us from taking them out for a spin.

CLC Stitch & Glue strip deck hybrid that John Werner had built, contributing some assistance to the build himself.
Sit On Top prototype with the appearance of a conventional sea kayak that Gerald Kennedy designed and built for John Werner.

While weather the night before included thunderstorms, those brave souls who declared they'd rather get wet than miss such a fun event were rewarded with clear skies and weather in the 80's for a good time that couldn't be beat. Folks from as far as the Houston area and as close as 'just across the lake' arrived at various times during the morning, and by noon most of us were there. Several group paddles to the far end of the sheltered boating area close to the state park were made, and many folks borrowed someone else's boat to see how it handled. By mid afternoon most were headed back home, but it just goes to show that you never know what the weather will be like in Texas.

Photo from bow of Sit On Top above.
JEM design built by Mike Tuttle.
JEM design built by Mike Tuttle.
Built by John Farrell from another JEM design. The first boat (of Luann ply, weighing 53 lbs.) was used as template to bench build strip panels for the second boat (weighing 37.5 lbs.), and then both were assembled.
Built by John Farrell. Set to stand up.
Built by John Farrell. Yes he's standing.
Built by John Farrell. Inside the above boat.
Built by John Farrell. The two boats.
Built by John Farrell and showing the bottom.
Built by John Farrell
Wee Rob (Iain Oughtred design) double paddle canoe stretched to 13.5 feet and built as a cedar stripper by Steve Lansdowne.

Keep your eye on the Duckworks Calendar to learn when the TKF Boat Builder Roundup will be for 2011. Next year’s TKF Roundup will feature a lightweight boat building competition.


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