Sailing by a Non-Sailor

By Fred Night - Port Orange, Florida - USA


This is a story about sailing by a nonsailor. I love sailing, it is cool and quiet and free. All things that have a special appeal to me. I object to wind rocking the boat and water coming in on my side of the hull plus I cannot remember a jibe from a snotter, really cool terms, but too many of them. I love the adventure of the Texas 200, the OBX 130, the everglades challenge and the many sailing adventures your contributors bring to life on a daily basis.

Which brings me to this "how can the cowardly lion learn to roar?" I started with a small (2 foot) sail held up by two PVC poles on my three piece canoe, ruby. This worked to a degree and no problems so far.

Then in Duckworks I read an article about using two small rectangular sails that moved together etc. Bingo, what if you made a light sail that would rotate and put that in a light canoe like my Drag Boat.

I used thin plastic that you can see through, duck tape and light PVC tubes. I made the sail 42 inches square and used no glue on the PVC so the sail can be taken apart and stowed in the bow. I inserted the sail in a larger PVC holder that allows it to spin freely. I can hold it with a hand or foot, steer with a paddle and have it up or down in 10 seconds. The chicken lion roars or at least it growls.

It's good so far. I have had gusts that popped the frame apart but everything reassembles in seconds and the unglued PVC serves as a relief valve for sissy sailors.


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