Cruising in Linnansaari National Park Finland

By Perttu Korhonen - Finland

in an Ocean Explorer

11.8.10 - 16:00

I Launched my boat in Porosalmi Harbour.

I had three days to explore Linnansaari National Park in lake Saimaa Finland. The harbour was in sheltered bay and the wind was behind me. When I sailed on a reach, open lake area winds picked me up and I reefed the sail one step down. It was fun sailing.

I was moving windward and the waves started to grow bigger and bigger. My boat name is iSo (big), but she started to feel small. It was a little scary and exiting at the same time. I started to look for shelter behind the islands and soon I reached a sheltered bay on one small island. I was so focused on sailing and taking photos, that I wasn´t sure in which island it was. I don’t have GPS– with maps there is always possibility to get lost!

In the evening the winds are usually gentler. I had time to make coffee and refit the wind indicator, which had dropped into the cockpit. The bay was only 50m wide and it was a little battle to sail out to open lake.

In the evening the winds were nicer and the sun was shining - not a trouble in the whole world.

On one island there were 15 canoes and a group of young germans singing Kumbaya my Lord - I thought I must sailed too far south.

The first night inside the cabin. The boat moves little with waves. I was reading a book and listening to the radio. Nice feeling – dawn comes and I fall into sleep.

12.8. 07:00 - Holiday - Why wake up at 7 o'clock?

09:30 - Stuck in calm. I miss yesterday´s winds and surfs. History knows greater sailors and explorers than me, maybe we still share something common - moments like this? That spirits up my mind and I start reading and let the sail up.

My boat carries Michael Storer's lugsail and it picks up even the littlest whisper of wind. I am actually moving slowly. My destination is Linnansaari Island´s north edge. The map says it has a dock for small boats. My boat has berth´s for two - is that dock going to be too small?

11:00 - Water supply showing alarming low. Sun is burning hot. In these latitudes the sun can be an enemy - am I gonna survive?

11:50 - A bird. Sign of land, binoculars! coconuts – whiskey for all!

12:00 - Back to reality (at least half of reality) - no whiskey for sailors! – Maybe a little in the evening? It´s time for lunch break. Tuna and pasta. (I caught the tuna earlier this morning.) When I moored, the winds started to blow. Luckily they died as soon as they appeared – I had time to eat in peace and take a small nap.

14:15 - In Linnansaari Island small boat's dock.

My fear was unnecessary. The boat just fit the dock.

I hiked to a cliff which gave a great view of the lake.

16:00 - Nice steady winds – not big, but keeps us moving.

17:00 - Moored to rocky island. Coffee break and swimming – feeling free. You don’t have to be rich, (with money) to complete your dreams!

20:45 - Found nice place between two small islands. I took a couple of photos, set up the boom tent and slid into my sleeping bag. Later I watched the sunset through the cabin window.

Sunset through cabin window.

13:08 - Friday the 13th. Beautiful morning, no clouds and the sun warms nicely. After breakfast I headed back to the harbour where I started. This trip is going to end soon. It´s time to start planning the next one.

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