Scenes From the Dink

By Steve Axon - Challis, Idaho - USA

Well, I'm back West, after yet another epic road trip. Suffered a brake failure in Gainesville, caught up with some old friends in Asheville, visited my son in South Bend, then put my head down and drove straight through from Chicago to Challis ( 34 hours ) - only to get stopped by snow 30 miles from home. No signs of Spring here yet - we've had snow every day this week, and lows in the teens.

Here are some shots from this winter on the West Coast of Florida.

The boat shop mural is on a shed in Boca Grande. Each item in the painting, whether a boat, tool or dog, has a local story associated with it.

Boat shop mural

A lovely Garden "Eel" canoe yawl, which lives at Boca Grande.

Eel at Boca

"Heart Of Gold", featured in MAIB articles, is now a planter in front of a restaurant at FT Myers Beach.

Heart Of Gold

Freddy Freddy, an evolving live aboard, with perhaps a work boat hull beneath all that other superstructure he's added. The sponsons are a 21' sailboat, sliced in half, then attached to the hull.

Freddy Freddy

The Freddy dink is also odd, asymmetric, and seems to work just fine.

Duck tailed dink

Hermoine is a 1925 Elco 56. The owners are living aboard, constantly fixing and upgrading, while trying to make a living hosting weddings and parties wherever they wander. A real labor of love.


Mike Ives, headed south on his annual 3 month cruise, aboard his Montgomery 17. That's a Bolger car topper in tow. Mike is a prime exponent of the "small yacht, big dink" philosophy.

Montgomery 17

We caught up with Dennis Bradley and Egret at Cayo Costa. She has new masts, and now sports a mizzen stay sail. As Dennis points out, 220 square feet of sail ain't enough for a 4000 lb boat.

Egret at Cayo Costa




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