By Christophe Matson - Bow, New Hampshire - USA

I launched my Storer designed Goat Island Skiff into a navigable body of water last month under rainy skies and light winds. She is called, "I am Zinea, Pterodactylus." The flower is intentionally misspelled, and lightweight flying pterosaurs that often inhabited Jurassic coastlines were mega-cool, so no apologies on the name. The launch was a quiet affair, with my wife and three strangers I convinced to help us celebrate. We sailed for an hour, and it was delightful to be back on the water. Building was fun, but I'm a sailor. Sailing is better! She flies amongst the rocky shores of New England lakes and Atlantic coastline! Now, I will spend some time tinkering with my rig-- a pleasant chore.

The launch was a quiet affair, with my wife and three strangers I convinced to help us celebrate.

Storer provides a fantastic set of plans that are well detailed in addition to a vibrant online community and forum. He and/or other builders are easily accessible, making his boats well within reach of people like me, who have no prior woodworking experience. I have indeed come a long way but not without my share of mistakes. (Two examples of many: I ripped all the lumber for this boat on my table saw using a cross-cut blade thinking the more the teeth on the blade, the cleaner the cut, and for my first glue job I used no less than 4 pumps of resin, 2 pumps of hardener, all for three small pieces of bulkhead framing. Can you say "going off?" It's my paperweight now....).

Mistakes happen but paperweights are useful things.



Thank you for the fantastic product support. Everything I purchased came on time, as I ordered. This boat was built, rigged, painted, and towed with materials and hardware from small independently owned marine stores, chandleries (such as yourself) and local lumberyards. Thank you for helping free the common sailor from the tyranny of that big box marine store.

Bottom of lugsail with main sheet.

The boat is fast and predictable with a crew of two, a little more demanding and but even faster with a lightweight consequences-be-darned solo skipper (me), especially when flying all 105 square feet of sail. Let's say we've gone over more than once and leave it at that. She's also a looker, commanding attention from passerby, random motorists, and sailors alike.

You guys are awesome and help keep the stoke alive for the rest of us!

Cheers and happy sailing,




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