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Happy Australia Day to Our Aussie Readers

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

Rowing Boat

I took these pictures of a rowing boat at Wollamina today. It is made with red cedar, was stapled to particle board frames, was glued up with Aquadere PVA glue, and was stapled. In my haste I didn't get the builders name, but he is a very like able chap who gave me the details while he loaded the boat in about five minutes.

Stewart Strik




Hope II

Chuck most of the "Stuff I got from You". Looks like I am going to splash when my son come for christmas. I only have to do some touch Varnish and add the ladder support I had made along with a boom gallows I designed to help me get around on the boat.

It has been fun, but I look forward to getting HOPE II on the water. To top it off, my neighbor gave me a Nutshell pram with all the sailing rig. It was made at the wooden boat school and is the smaller 7 foot 9.

When I have the launch party for real in the spring, I hope to have HOPE II, HOPE, the Pram and two kayaks. Stacy will be bringing his three boats and hope, a new bufflehead he is building.

Captain Ron

Sea Nymph


Another John Welsford 6m Whaler on the water. Sea Nymph has been launched on the 01/01/2010 at 10am. Lots of sails and plenty of wind. She is a fun boat to sail. We had 10-20 Knots of wind and a 1m chop out side the harbour. She handled it well and we managed to sail our way back up the Mapua Channel with the wind behind us against a 7Knot ebb tide with very little fuss. We still have to hook up the electric inboard to its battery bank and get the switch gear sorted. Then she will be ready to do some overnight crusing down the sounds and able Tasman areas.


Peter and Angela Murton

Quick Canoe 155


Rick Landreville, a builder in Canada (and also the PDRacer Canadian Champ) put the hull together in a shade over 4 hours ready for the seats to be put in.

The hull panels are held together with duct tape only initially which leaves the interior of the boat for glass taping or filleting. Then the boat is flipped upside down and the duct tape removed so the outside seams can rounded off then glass taped.

The duct tape will not work for every boat as some require quite a lot of force to assemble. But we knew this one would not require a great deal of force. The timbers across the sheer are temporary.

Rick went for a paddle on his local pond on a warmish (30F 1C?) winter day. His daughters then demoed the boat while Rick took pics.
Stability is a big plus, Rick was really pleased with the weight - 48lbs

Builder: Rick Landreville

Plans for Michael Storer's Quick Canoe 155 are available
in printed form or instant download at Duckworks - Click HERE

Michael Storer (Designer)


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