This time we have the following boats:

Send a picture or three and a short description of your boat and its launch to for inclusion here next month.

Kayak 2

During the winter I have been working on a project from the stable of Ken Simpson. I got to finish her only a few weeks ago and I have made a short video of my kayak 2 build. After corresponding with Ken, I will, over this winter, do a full write up and post.

I was wondering if you might like to have these three video's for the magazine. The first shows my coracle that I built, then the boat building bug got me. Then came the kayak 2 and hopefully this winter I can finish my stella. I have also got other small sail boats in the pipe line.

With my young son telling his grandfather how it was made.

This was my test area, my wife could not stop laughing.

The third video is the kayak 2 electric boat.

I have now had many hour's fun sailing around Black Lake, Ontario, Canada

David Balmer, Ottawa Canada


Here are some photos of my recently christened 16' Melonseed. Thanks for all the help in buying my hardware - it worked out well!

Kent Rush


This is my last project, a Bufflehead on Lake Constance.

Axel Schmid

First Launch and Sea Trials of the PBK-18 "Sexy Girl"

This afternoon we had some free time after work and the weather cooperated, also the paint has now hardened well on the Kayak, so we took the kayak for its initial launch at the Kars Boat Launch. Schuyler and first step cousin once removed Andrew Zeigler took the kayak "Sexy Girl" on its first voyage in Cranberry Creek a tributary entering the Rideau River at Kars Ontario.

The craft was fully water tight and performed well. The build was a success. This was a trial not only of the craft but also of the navigators.

Kayak Builder. See the Blog at:

Flat Iron Skiff

The Crystal River Boat Builders (https://www. tsca. net/CRBB/) relaxed for a few weeks after the launch of ANNIE -- a 14 ft Chesapeake Sharpie -- and while hanging around the boatshop built this 11ft rowboat. She's planked with cedar and has no caulking or paint! Built carefully and kept in the water, she was allowed to swell and now is tight enough to only collect rain water! Just like ANNIE, she was built using only hand tools.

Bill Whalen

Skinny Mouse

I whipped together a Skinny Mouse for my boy over the weekend. We got it wet yesterday in a local river, with me and the wife in our Bateau NC16.



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