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By Dave Lucas - Bradenton - Florida - USA


As usual, there are no pictures of me. I took a kayak this year to keep things simple. Howard had Chelsea the air cooled African Queen. My boy Steven was really zipping around in Laylah and Mike Wick came all the way from Delaware River way to sail the other Cortez melon, Yeehaw and had a ball. We have a date to race when he finishes his. I caught Ford trying the basket boat and paddled with Steve in his recycled junk kayak, it went pretty good. Crazy Steve had the sails up on his Wee Lassie schooner but he was nowhere to be found. The matched set of beautiful bright kayaks that Pat and Reese brought were the last two that our own Sam Geiger built. Frank and Laura were there with their homemade tri's and were really flying. There were millions of others there that I'm not going to name (cause I'm getting old and don't remember) like Rex, Kathy, Pat, Nancy, Richard, Red, Stan, Wally, Carol, well you get the picture. I did see the great Roger Allen as we were driving out but didn't talk to him, with events like this there's just too much going on to stand around and talk so I just jump in my boat and go out. See you in two weeks at Crystal River and May 7 at Cedar Key.

The back and front (see below) of this years tee shirt. The museum boatshop actually built this boat, cannon and all. It was suppose to be here but a scheduling mix up prevented it.
See Above
Dave Lucas' air cooled Briggs and Stratton Whitehall launch
Michael Burwell's Ballistic Coracle - 1st Place Paddling Division. Ballistic nylon skin with urethane coating over okoume ply strips. Seat of maple, seat supports live oak. Sitting on the semi-floating dock.
A brand new Skipjack built here in Sarasota, has no engine.
Cortez melonseed on the left.
Pat Lawler in Crawford Melonseed
Beetle Cat
Swamping the Beetle Cat Scooter at the windward mark
Beetle Cat and melonseed
A beetle cat and melonseed. Background - Bailing the Beetle Cat Scooter
Bucketless bailing of the swamped Beetle Cat Scooter
Mike Wick really flying in Stan's Cortez melon "Yeehaw". I didn't see it but they say he made a spectacular finish in first place.
Mike Wick really flying in Stan's Cortez melon "Yeehaw".
Laura Smoot's trimaran "Daystar"
Sea pearl
Frank Smoot in a tri he built, "No Commotion". His wife Lauran had one there also.
Frank Smoot's trimaran "No Commotion" passing Mark Stewart's trimaran "Shark Bait"
Steven Worley and Becky in "Laylah" the best cortez melon ever. He really had her wound up and moving.
Steven Worley and Becky in "Laylah"
Pat Lawler in Crawford Melonseed
Marsh Cat, Mike Wick's friend brought it down from NJ, hopefully he'll send the name.
Steven Worley and Becky in "Laylah"
Ballistic Coracle underway
Reesa and Pat Bogatz in the last two kayaks Sam Geiger built. Pygmy 17's
Steve Deming’s 11’6” Wee Lassie schooner rigged sailing canoe. He actually took this thing out. Most of us thought it was a radio controlled boat.
Boats on the sand bar.
Reesa and Carol Van Vleet in kayaks.


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