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This time we have the following boats:

Send a picture or three and a short description of your boat and its launch to for inclusion here next month.

CS 15 Splashed

I thought that some of your readers may be interested in the launch of my Core Sound 15 "REDNECK" in Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia. The boat was built over about 6 months during 2010 and launched just prior to Xmas. Duckworks supplied quite a few of the fittings for the boat. It is built mostly from 6mm and 9mm marine ply. All solid timber is hoop pine. Masts are from 6061 T6 alloy with s/steel sail track attached. The boat is very easy to sail with the two small sails giving a total sail area of around 104 sq ft. and can be trimmed to self steer.

The boat in the background is a Piccup Pram by Jim Michalak on its second outing.

Here is a link to a short 3 min movie clip of REDNECK on the water taken returning home after a good sail across the bay with a couple of mates.

Dave C


Well, I survived telling Patty that I was leaving the next day to drive to Olympia, WA to pick up a boat that I had bought 9 months earlier! After living with me for 20 odd years I guess she's used to surprises.

I had a great time driving out to WA. I picked up my oldest son in Edmonton to share the driving and we had a good time reconnecting and getting to know each other after not seeing each other very much over the last 15 years. I wish I had had more time in Olympia as I didn't have a chance to see Sam Devlin's new shop. He just moved into a new facility and now has 15 people working for him so business is good. Sam told me that he spends too much of his time managing people as a result and not enough time building boats. I really enjoyed meeting Sam. He just seems like a genuinely nice guy. He did a terrific job on the Oarling that he built for me. Fabulous paint job and I love the colours he picked out for me. I put in a Piantenides sliding seat with carbon fiber oars at Sam's urging. Before I launched the Oarling I took a few rowing lessons from the local rowing club. In comparison to the very tender trainers I used at the rowing club the Oarling was a dream of stability and relaxing to row. Very smooth and I love the power you get when you do a good stroke on the sliding seat. It glides along very nicely.

The day after these photos were taken I was on the water at 6:30 am and rowed around the entire lake. Not one other boat out there, just a couple of loons giving me the gears at the far side of the lake. The lake was perfectly still and quiet... just the type of morning I wanted a rowboat for.

Ladybug is still sitting on her trailer until I get the boat lift and dock properly set up. The Oarling is sitting on the lift now but it is at a steep angle that will have to be fixed by moving it to deeper water. That should happen on Sunday.


Quick Canoe

I built this three panel canoe which is essentially Michael Storer's Quick Canoe reduced for a fifty pound, ten year old. We launched it after thanksgiving. She did the decorating.

Pool session in Asheville, NC. Eli plans make a saddle, since the boat has no seat.

More pictures on Flickr

Paul Helbert


All went well except for a small trickle of water from the centreboard pivot bolt. It wasn't enough to put me off putting the kids in for the first sail. I will resolve it though.

Apart from that, the Navigator launch went really well. I kept on forgetting I had a mizzen but that was okay as it looked after itself quite well. I was also surprised how quickly she skipped along. And I was pleasantly surprised how well the sails set - not a crease in sight.

I expected to have to move some rigging things around after the first sail but now don't think I do - she's all good. I would like to put some pockets in though for things like car keys, VHF etc. I also have an outboard bracket to fit. Anyway, I have all winter for that. Time to reacquaint myself with the family first!

Thanks to all who have answered my questions during the build. Looking back as some of them I was clearly green around the gills!

You can see some photos here.


Pocket Cruiser

I launched my Pocket Cruiser on Friday and can't be happier. It floated, it sailed, it worked.

My son and wife shot some video, which I edited into an eccentric five-minute clip. I would be delighted if you wanted to use this clip. It's more of a Boyer family comedy routine than a sailing report, but I think it conveys the chaos and humor of the day.

Paul Boyer


Saturday memorial day weekend we launched two more square mice Yoshi Hawk (my nephews couldn't decide on just one name for their boat, and lightning. The day was warm and the kids all managed to fall in at one point or another. Frost's ice pond Newbury, MA got fully explored. Yoshi Hawk's home port is Lake Placid, NY and Lightning lives in Lebanon, ME. Seagull was also there... In the first picture are all four mice, Lightning with Captain Nick, and Yoshi Hawk with Captain Noah and Captain Levi. Yoshi Hawk is also in the picture with Noah and the water lilly. Lightning has Captain Nick and his blue life jacket in it. Lightning was built with sureply using tape and glue, Gorilla glue to tack it together and then MAS epoxy and glass tape from duckworks to assemble it in 6 hrs. The drain plugs in each air box are also from duckworks also.


Boat Launch

Here's a few pics of my new boat I designed. She was launched on June 10th. I am getting here ready for The Sucia Island messabout.



I Just launched a Bolgers Nymph. Started the 20th of October and finished/launched 30th may 2011.

I modified a lot. approx 100 lbs the bottom is 2/5 of an inch the stern and foreplate also.

Thanks to Dynamite Paysons books/Jim Michalak's book. Simple rigging.

I did a lot of salvaging for the boat.

This is what I built her for. The North sea. She rows like a lady, sails like a Queen and bobs over waves like a Goddes. A real nymph.



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