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  • June Letters

  • Frederick William Goeller
    There was a discussion online about a Duckworks Hall of Fame. What a great idea I thought - let's get some contributions. I can't expect others to write unless I am willing to as well, so here it is.

    So you want to build her yourself?
    There are far more readers than builders which suggests that there are a lot of interested people who just need a little help to get started.

    "Bateaus and Chateaus" - Part One
    Like all great (mis-) adventures, this one began with an singular idea. Brian's idea was to host a messabout on the Loire River in France in September 2011.


  • June Splash

  • 2011 Texas 200 in a Day Sailer II - Part Four
    The fleet headed off to the northeast across Aransas Bay on a route that would take them close to Padre Island which would provide some shelter from the wind and waves.

    A Good Day
    First light reveals the clear skies that were predicted. I spent the weekend tuning up the little iceboat, gathering up the pieces that were scattered since its last incarnation as a dirt boat.

    Gill 12 Tugboat
    In the beginning, the build starts with the boat right side up. Frustration soon followed.


  • June Reports

  • Feeding the Crew when Small Boat Cruising
    In this article I focus on perhaps the biggest challenge to small boat cruising: Feeding the Crew.

    Simple Weatherproof Sea Chests
    Or what to do with all that scrap lumber after you've built your boat.

    Oz Racer RV
    The RV is a simpler RECREATIONALLY oriented boat with almost the same performance as the Oz Racer.


  • June Treasure Chest

  • Akaroa Trip Report
    You may wonder what all the fuss was about having been in worse conditions, but I was in no doubt that I was in a life threatening situation and that is what I'm recounting in the hope that it might help somebody.

    St Joe to Pensacola
    Anybody that likes sport fishing will like St Joe because St Joe is all about sport fishing. About 90% of the boats in the Port St Joe Marina were sport fishing boats.


  • June Webwatch

  • Zipper
    The Zipper is an 11 foot runabout based on designs of the 1950's for Class 'B' stock utility racing boats by Hal Kelly and William Jackson.

    2011 Lake Pepin Messabout
    This year we had plenty of boats, but no beach. Lake Pepin is a wide spot in the Mississippi River, and the river was unusually high thanks to record snowfall and a colder-than-normal winter.

    April Love - Part Two
    Now I've begun to build April Love. However, these gangsters came by to steal my boat. They want a ship to run jungle rum from Key Largo to Texas.

    50th Anniversary Boat Build - Part One
    The goal is the Texas Water Safari in June of 2012. The prize for reaching my goal is walking up the steps in Seadrift, Texas and earning my second patch as a competitor in the event.

    The Keuka Whaler - Part Seven
    In the 6th installment of building the Keuka Whaler we finished with the fitting of all the floors. Now come the floor boards.

    Sail Oklahoma! - October 6th-10th 2011
    ...I received several emails from Jackie Monies inviting me to Sail Oklahoma!/2011 PDR World Championship.

    Nuthatch 12
    This is the finished design of the 12ft "fishing" version, and I have a 14ft version in the early hull modeling stage.