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by Phillip McCracken - Rotorua - New Zealand

Here are some new ideas that's been floating around at the Onesheetwonders Yahoo group, that you might find of interest. These little craft are designed to be built from one sheet of plywood and some pine board.

First design is a portable cat designed to fit in the back of most cars that can be taken apart and bolted back together. Its a floating platform that can have a side barrier if needed.

Second design is a small portable punt type float box that is only a laughable 4ft x 30 inch to sit in. It can find its way into most car boots or on the back seats folded down.

One problem is the tip angle from sitting with the majority of the weight in the transom, to correct this, a small bolt on floatation device is bolted to the back transom to boost the floatation and stability. The idea is to build the smallest possible boat and use bolt on floatation to support the missing amount of the boat, this means being able to design smaller boats to fit in cars. Floatation can be bolted to the sides e. g.- plastic drain pipes, I have shown the idea on the transom as a sealed plastic cylinder or wooden ply box.

Also its other feature is 2 straps to carry it like one would carry a coracle and that's how it got its name. It is like most one sheet boats for protected waters only and always wear your life-jacket floatation device, for more info go to ariawoodboatworks or our yahoo group. Enjoy.

Here are some new designs from the OneSheetWonders Yahoo group that can be all made from one sheet of plywood and some pine board the stitch and glue way.



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